Netgear WNR1000 - troubleshooting

I can't connect and the DSL light on the BT Openreach modem is either FLASHING or OFF

  1. Check the cable connecting the BT Openreach modem to the master socket is secure at both ends.
  2. If you're using a data extension cable make sure it's connected at the master socket.
  3. Switch off the BT Openreach modem and leave it for a few minutes before switching it back on.
  4. If there's still a problem, report it to our Support Team.

I can't connect and the Internet light on my router is YELLOW

Make sure the cables are connected properly. The yellow Ethernet cable should be connected to LAN1 on the BT Openreach modem and the yellow WAN port on your fibre router.

If you're setting up for the first time, make sure you wait for 15 minutes once you've connected and switched on your router. If you've done this and the light is still yellow, please follow the instructions to set up your router manually.

If you're using wireless

Keep an eye on your wireless signal strength. If it's low or changes a lot, see Getting the best Wi-Fi signal.

Check the wireless adapters you're using as with Wireless G, broadband speed is limited to about 20Mbps. The router we supply supports Wireless N and we highly recommend installing Wireless N capable adapters on all the computers you use wirelessly.

Most modern laptops and devices support Wireless N as standard. Older laptops, PCs and devices tend to support Wireless G.

To use Wireless N with older equipment, you'll need to install Wireless N compatible adapters on each computer or device you connect with.

During the first 10 days

Your speed may seem low after fibre optic broadband is first installed. In most cases, it'll increase within a few hours.

You'll probably see some variation in speeds over the first 10 days. At first we don't know exactly how fast your broadband can be. To help us find out, the broadband systems in the cabinet will run tests to find the best balance between speed and reliability for your line. This can cause your speeds to go up and down and you may even get disconnected a few times.

After a while your line will eventually settle down. You'll still see small changes occasionally but these are normal and nothing to worry about.

Check your anti-virus and firewall

We've had reports of speed problems while using certain anti-virus software. If you believe that you're affected by this, you may wish to consider upgrading to a quality commercial package such as Plusnet Protect.

Netgear WNR1000 lights

Power Status
Off Router is switched off
Orange Router is starting up, should turn green after a short while
Green Router is powered up and ready to use
Flashing Yellow Software update in progress
Flashing Green Software problem, try a factory reset and contact support if you still have problems
Push 'N' Connect Status
Off WPS isn't in use
Flashing Green A device is connected via WPS
Green Wireless Security is switched on
Wireless Status
Off Wireless is OFF
Blue Wireless is ON
Flashing Blue The router is sending / receiving data
Internet Status
Off The router isn't connected to the BT Openreach modem
Yellow Cables are connected but the router isn't connected to the Internet. Check your username and connection settings
Green Router is connected to the Internet
Flashing The router is sending / receiving data
LAN (1-4) Status
Off The Ethernet port is not connected
Green The Ethernet port is connected to a 100Mbps device
Flashing Green The router is sending / receiving data @ 100Mbps
Yellow The Ethernet port is connected to a 10Mbps device
Flashing Yellow The router is sending / receiving data @ 10Mbps

BT Openreach modem lights

Power Status
Off Router switched off
Yellow Router is starting up, should turn green after a short while
Green Router is powered up and ready to use
DSL Status
Off No broadband signal detected
Flashing Green Broadband connection has a problem
Green Broadband signal is detected and active
LAN 1 Status
Off No connection detected / Ethernet cable not connected
Green Ethernet cable connected
Flashing The router is sending / receiving data
LAN 2 Status
This socket and light are not currently used

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