SpeedTouch 516v6 1-Port Router - setup guide

Before you begin

This guide will take you through setting up your SpeedTouch router from scratch and applies to both Windows and Apple OS X systems.

Check the label on the bottom of your router and make sure it says ST516v6 in the top left corner (pictured below). If the label on your router says ST510, you need to follow the ST510 Connection guide.

Check the label on the bottom of your router and make sure it says ST516v6 in the top left corner

Check that you've got the following items:

Make sure you've got everything

  1. Ethernet cable
  2. SpeedTouch ST516v6 router
  3. Power supply
  4. Setup guide
  5. Microfilter
  6. Broadband cable

Microfilters already plugged in? Go to Connect your router and plug it in.

Plug a microfilter into each telephone socket you use in your property. If you had to unplug something you can plug it back into the Phone socket of the microfilter.

Phone sockets can be used by phones, alarm systems, fax machines and digital TV boxes, so make sure you don't miss anything out. Microfilters are essential for keeping your phone and Internet services from interfering with each other. Without microfilters you'll see poor speeds and connection drops.

  • You can use a microfilter before or after an extension lead, but not both
  • You can connect two devices to one microfilter if you use a phone adapter
  • If you need more microfilters, you can get them from most electrical stores and supermarkets
  • Don't plug a microfilter into the socket of another microfilter
  1. Plug the grey telephone cable into the microfilter socket marked DSL.
  2. Plug the other end of the grey telephone cable into the DSL socket on the back of the router.
  3. Connect the power adapter and switch the router on with the power button at the back.
  4. The power light will initially be red and the Broadband light will flash. Wait until they stop flashing and turn solid green before proceeding to the next section.
  1. Plug the yellow Ethernet cable into the Ethernet socket on the back of your router.
  2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your computer's Ethernet socket.
  3. The Ethernet light on the front of the router will now light up.
  1. Once you've connected the 516v6 to your computer and switched it on, leave it for about 5 minutes. The Internet light will turn green by the time you come back - go to Step 2.

    If the Internet light does not turn green after 5 minutes, go to the next section: The Internet light is OFF or Flashing after 5 minutes.

  2. On your computer, open a Web Browser (such as Internet Explorer or Safari).
    • If you see your homepage and you're able to browse then you're connected and you don't need to do anything else - congratulations!
    • If you're redirected to the Broadband Setup page (pictured below), go to Step 3.
  3. Enter your Username & Password (the ones you use to log into this site), choose your provider and press Go. Shortly after, you'll see a confirmation screen shortly afterwards and you'll be able to start browsing. This is the Broadband Setup page, enter the username and password you log into this site with and click Go.

The Internet light is OFF or Flashing after 5 minutes

  1. On your computer, open a Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari. You'll see The SpeedTouch welcome page. (If you get an error page, see No Welcome Page?).

    Click Set up my SpeedTouch and go to step 2.

    The Thomson Gateway Welcome Page, click Setup My SpeedTouch.
  2. The Easy Setup wizard will open in a new window. Click Next.

    Click Next to begin the Easy Setup Wizard.
  3. On the Service Selection screen, choose Plusnet and click Next. Only choose Other if you want to use No-NAT or other advanced setup options.

    Choose Plusnet from the Service list and click Next.
  4. Enter your Broadband Username and Password and click Next.

    Enter your Broadband Username & Password and click Next.
  5. Finally you'll see a summary screen. Have a quick check through the settings to make sure everything is correct. Use the Back button if there's anything you need to change. Press Start to finish the setup wizard and connect to broadband.

    Check the settings are correct and click Start.

    After about a minute the Internet light on the router will go green and you'll see a confirmation screen. Click Finish.

    That's it! You're connected to Broadband.

No welcome page?

If you see an error page during step 1 of The Internet light is OFF or Flashing after 5 minutes, type into the address bar and press enter on your keyboard.

You'll be taken to the SpeedTouch home page. Click SpeedTouch on the left menu. Next, click Set Up (under Pick a Task... at the bottom of the page) and go back to step 2 to continue configuring your router.

What are the router username and password?

If you've not changed or added a password then the details you'll need to use depend on when you received your kit.

Date received Router Username Router Password
27th Nov - 3rd Dec 2008 Administrator Serial Number
3rd Dec 2008 onwards Administrator No Password
  • All details are Case Sensitive
  • The Serial Number is shown on the bottom of the SpeedTouch router

Resetting your router

If you have any problems setting up your SpeedTouch router, you can reset it and start again.

Use a paperclip, pen or pointed object to press into the reset pin hole on the back of the router. Keep the button pressed in for at least 7 seconds. When the power light goes red, release the button and wait until the power light turns green again.

You now need to apply your settings again. Follow this guide again from Connecting to the Internet.

Your router's lights

Here we'll explain what the different lights on the router mean:

Power Status
Off Router not powered, check power cable and button
Red Router is starting up, should turn green after a short while
Green Router is powered up
DSL Status
Off No DSL cable connected. Microfilter or phone line problem
Blinking Green Router is attempting to connect to the local telephone exchange
Green Connection is OK
Internet Status
Off No device connected
Green Device connected
Ethernet Status
Off No device connected
Green Device connected
Flashing Green Device sending / receiving data

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