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    WiFi Calling

    Everything you need to know about WiFi Calling. What it is and how to use it, with the help of our FAQs.

    WiFi Calling lets you make phone calls and send text messages over a WiFi broadband connection, so you don’t have to rely on a mobile signal.

    WiFi provides high-speed Internet access using wireless Internet network technology. Often called WiFi networks.

    To use it you need a smartphone or device which supports WiFi Calling and connection to a WiFi network in the UK. You can use all types of WiFi networks, including the one as part of your Plusnet broadband package, as well as public ones in cafes, shops, and train stations.

    You don’t need to install anything. You can call and send text messages as normal. You’ll see the WiFi Call icon in the top left corner of your screen which lets you know you’re using WiFi calling.

    Wherever you are, WiFi calling means you can use your phone or device to always stay in touch.

    Plusnet broadband and WiFi calling go hand in hand for simple, reliable connectivity you need for your home, all at straightforward prices. If you’re not with us for broadband, join us today and WiFi call from the comfort of your sofa see what ultrafast packages you can get

    Check your settings or the manufacturer’s website to make sure your device can support WiFi calling. 

    It’s really easy to set up:

    1. Connect your phone to a working WiFi network.
    2. Turn on WiFi Calling in your phone settings.
      On Apple iOS: go to settings, select phone then toggle on WiFi Calling.
      On Android: go to Call settings and toggle on WiFi Calling.

    Once you’ve connected to a private WiFi network such as the one at home, and saved the password, your phone or device will automatically connect each time you’re in range.

    Public WiFi networks don't often keep you logged in, so you’ll probably need to reconnect each time.

    Calls and texts still come from your monthly mobile plan allowance as usual, so there’s no extra charge.

    With 4G Calling, when you make or receive a call with a compatible device, your phone will stay on 4G.  This means you can continue using data at faster speeds during a call and your Internet connection will not slow down.

    Your handset does the hard work for you. First it will try WiFi (if it’s switched it on) then 4G, 3G and 2G.  Don’t forget if you’re with Plusnet Mobile, your Plusnet SIM doesn’t support 4G Calling so will revert to the 2G network when making calls and sending texts.

    Plusnet Mobile will be closing soon, so if you’ve got one of our SIM only plans, you’ll need to switch your service in the next few months. We’ve joined forces with EE, the UKs best mobile network, for exclusive access to great 30 day SIM only deals featuring 4G calling. Unlock your exclusive EE SIM only deals

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