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    Plusnet changes to landline call rates for Fixed Price Customers (2021)

    On 30th June we are increasing the charges for UK calls, international calls (except where the EU regulatory price cap applies) and call set up fees by 4.6%. Further details are set out below.

    These are the standard rates for calls to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03) and UK mobiles. UK rates include calls to landlines in the Channel Islands and calls from Northern Ireland to landlines in the Republic of Ireland. Here's what's changing:

    • Calls to 01, 02, 03 numbers - the current rate of 15 pence per minute will increase to 15.69 pence per minute
    • Calls to UK mobiles - the current rate of 18 pence per minute will increase to 18.83 pence per minute

    For details of all call rate charges see our phone tariff information.

    Increases will apply to all standard call rates to international landline and mobile numbers (except where the EU regulatory price cap applies. Here’s a couple of examples of how the 4.6% increase will be applied to international calls:

    • Canada - the current rate of 23.80 pence per minute for daytime calls to mobile numbers will increase to 24.89 pence per minute
    • USA - the current rate of 21.00 pence per minute for daytime calls to landline numbers will increase to 21.97 pence per minute

    For details of all current rates per country see our call rates to international numbers.

    For any calls which include a set-up fee, the new rate will apply. The current rate of 23 pence will increase to 24.06 pence.

    All calls made from 30th June will have the new rates applied. You’ll see the changes on your next bill after this date.

    With a fixed price contract the price of your broadband and line rental will stay the same for the length of your minimum term contract.

    Prices for other charges including call plan costs, call charge rates, set up fees, or any other services such as TV, BT Sport app, BT Sport over Sky or any other add-ons, are still subject to price changes while in contract.

    You can check your package details by signing into My Account.

    We’re always here to help if you want to contact us about any of the changes.

    If you did decide to leave due to the changes, you would need to give us 14 days’ notice and you would have to pay an early termination charge for any period of your minimum term remaining.

    Please see our Price Guide for details on how we calculate early termination charges.

    If you need any help please just give us a call.

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