About our Enhanced Care service

Enhanced Care FAQs

It’s a service businesses can pay for when they rely on their broadband and would need any faults looked at quickly. It’s best for businesses that would have serious issues if there was a problem with their broadband.

If you’ve got Enhanced Care, any faults you tell us about will be fast-tracked. And if you report a fault, we aim to get back to you within an hour. Our suppliers also offer to get back to you quicker. We’ll also aim to fix everything within 24 working hours, whereas standard faults are usually solved within 40 working hours.

All business customers with standard or fibre optic broadband can buy it. You can’t buy it for SDSL products, like Business Broadband and Phone.

It costs £8.50 a month (+VAT). If you do decide to buy it, it’ll show separately when you get your bill.

If you're signing up to business broadband or fibre, we'll ask if you want to add Enhanced Care.

If you're already with Plusnet, add it by logging in to the Member Centre. Just find Enhanced Care under Manage Account. Follow the same steps to remove it.

We’ll always try to keep our appointment times within standard working hours and our suppliers will keep in touch.

But, because of the 24 hour response we mentioned earlier, you’ll need to be available and able to let us into your property at all times while we’re sorting things out.

We’ll agree a suitable time with you and carry on with fixing the fault when you’re ready.

It won’t. When you buy Enhanced Care, it will then take up to five working days to activate. You’ll only be able to use it after that’s happened.

If you decided to buy it when you signed-up, it'll be ready to go. If you’ve just bought it, it’ll be ready in five working days.

You can find more info in the T&C's for Enhanced Care.

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