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    How to get the most out of your call features

    There are lots of useful features you can set up on your home phone. Here's what they are and how to use them.

    This article is about Plusnet home phone. To find out about Plusnet Mobile, see our Plusnet Mobile help section.

    This article is about Plusnet home phone. To find out about Plusnet Mobile, see our Plusnet Mobile help section.

    Call feature FAQs

    The quickest and easiest way to add or remove call features is through your online Phone Control Panel.

    We should be able to do this for you in a day, but sometimes it can take up to three. When your features show up as 'Active' on the Phone Control Panel you'll know they're ready to go.

    Can't make the change online? Don't worry, give us a call and we'll get you sorted.

    Whatever your phone package, you get:

    Plusnet Call Protect and Caller Display are not available in a small number of locations, we will confirm if this applies to you after you have placed your order in your online account.

    You can also use these features and pay-as-you-go:

    • Ringback (20p a time)
    • Reminder call (20p a time)
    • Conference calling (40p a time)

    Or for a set fee every month, you can use these features as much as you like. Just add any of these in your Phone Control Panel. Pay-as-you-go charges for Business call plans are confirmed in the Charges Schedule.

    Calling Feature How much a month Can you get it in a calling feature bundle?
    Reminder Call (unlimited
    Call Waiting £2.50
    Call Divert £2.50, plus the cost of the onward call if chargeable
    Ring Back (unlimited use) £2.50
    Voicemail Extra (or Call
    Anonymous Call Reject £4

    For Business customers, costs are confirmed in the Charges Schedule.

    Yes, and here's an idea of how much you can save. You can add these in your Phone Control Panel.

    Number of features I've chosen How much a month How much could I save?
    2 features £3 £2
    3 features £4.50 £3
    4 features £6 £4

    Premium rate content comes at a price, so sometimes it might be useful to stop phones on your account from being able to access it. Doing this is simple.

    1. Just log into the and go to the Phone Control Panel
    2. Select the 'Call Features' tab
    3. Once there, choose 'Call Barring'. This will then prompt you to create a 4 digit PIN that will allow you to remove any barred numbers in the future
    4. Click submit, followed by 'add features'

    Once that's set up, you can bar specific numbers by dialling the codes below into your phone.

    • *341# - This will bar almost all calls from your phone
    • *342# - Bar national and international calls and calls to mobiles
    • *343# - Bar international calls
    • *344# - Bar all operator calls
    • *345# - Bar any numbers with a * or # in them
    • *347# - Bar calls to premium rate numbers

    Call barring will be added within the next 24 hours.

    • #34 'the relevant code i.e.1-7'*PIN# - Cancel call barring
    • *#34# - Check whether call barring is switched on

    Call features

    This lets you find out the number of the last person to call you, as long as the number wasn't withheld, unavailable or from a switchboard extension. It comes with all of our phone packages.

    Using 1471
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Find out the number of your last caller Dial 1471
    Return the call Press 3 (this will cost 20p, as well as any other extra charges)
    Withhold your number when making calls Enter 141 before the number you want to call
    Delete the last number stored by 1471 Dial 1475

    If a number's busy when you try to call, you can get Ring Back to keep trying it for up to 45 minutes.

    Once the line is free your phone will ring, just pick up your handset to be connected. Calls connected through Ring Back will be charged at your usual rate.

    Ring Back costs 20p for each use or visit your Phone Control Panel and buy a bundle to get unlimited usage for £2.50 a month.

    You won't be able to use Ring Back on international and most switchboard numbers.

    Using Ring Back
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Know when the line is free Press 5 when you hear the engaged tone. You'll hear a message confirming your request and you can then just hang up.
    Answer a Ring Back call Just pick up your handset as usual. You'll know it's a Ring Back call because it has its own ring tone.
    Check a Ring Back call Press *#37#
    Cancel a Ring Back call Press #37#

    Call Waiting lets you know if someone's trying to get through when you're already on the phone. You'll hear a beep and you can decide whether or not to take the new call.

    Using Call Waiting
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Turn on Call Waiting Press *43#
    Answer your second caller Press Recall or R
    Go back to your first caller Press Recall or R
    Check if Call Waiting is turned on Press *#43#
    Turn off Call Waiting Press #43#

    This lets you speak with two people on the same call.

    Using Conference Calling
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Start a Conference Call Dial the first number and wait for your caller to answer, then press Recall or R. When you hear the dial tone, dial the second number. When your second caller has answered, press Recall or R then 3 to start a conference call or Recall or R and 2 to talk to your two callers separately
    Switch between your two calls Press Recall or R. Wait for the dial tone, then press 2
    Switch back to Conference Calling Press Recall or R. When you hear the dial tone, press 3
    End the first call but keep the second Press Recall or R. Wait for the dial tone, then press 5
    End the second call but keep the first Press Recall or R. When you hear the dial tone, press 7
    End both calls Just hang up

    This is also sometimes known as Caller ID and does exactly as it says - shows you who's calling. All you need to use it is a phone that has a display to show the numbers that you're calling or that are calling you. It's kind of like a little window on your phone.

    Turn your house phone into an alarm clock by setting a reminder. Reminder Call comes with all our phone packages and costs 20p a time or £2.50 for unlimited uses.

    Using Reminder Call
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Set a reminder Press *55*(Time)# (When you're setting the time, use a 24-hour clock, like 1600 for 4pm)
    Cancel a reminder Press #55#
    Check your next reminder Press *#55#

    You can use this to block calls from withheld numbers. It won't block calls if the incoming number is 'unavailable', as the caller hasn't made any attempt to hide the number they're calling from. There are a few reasons this might happen, like if the person's calling from another country.

    Using Anonymous Call Reject
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Block calls from withheld numbers Press *227#
    Allow calls from withheld numbers Press #227#
    Check Anonymous Call Reject is turned on Press *#227#

    Divert your calls to your UK landline, mobile and most international destinations. If a diverted call is included in your call plan, it won’t cost you anything extra. If it's not part of your call plan, you'll be charged the standard rate for that call.

    Using Call Divert

    There are three codes you can use, depending on what you want to do:

    • 21 diverts all calls
    • 61 diverts calls you don't answer in 15 seconds
    • 67 diverts calls when you're on another call

    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Set up Call Divert Press *(Code)*(Number to divert to)#
    Check Call Divert Press *#(Code)#
    Turn off Call Divert Press #(Code)#

    Voicemail makes sure you never miss a call. It's basically like an answering machine, only you don't need the machine bit. You can:

    • save messages for 20 days
    • record your own greeting to people calling you.

    Standard Voicemail comes with all our phone packages, we’ll add it automatically when you sign up, unless you tell us not to. If you want to turn Standard Voicemail or Voicemail Extra off, just go to the Phone Control Panel.

    Voicemail Extra does everything that standard Voicemail does, but you can also:

    • choose how many times the phone rings before a call goes to Voicemail
    • check your messages from any phone (using remote access PIN)
    • link to your mobile and get texts to let you know you have a new voicemail (these cost 10p a message)
    • save messages for 30 days
    • find out the last three callers who hung up without leaving a message (as long they haven't withheld their number).

    Using Voicemail
    If you want to... Here's how you do it
    Access the main Voicemail menu Dial 1571
    Check your messages When you hear the main menu, press 1 to start playing your messages
    • Press 0 to return the call
    • Press 1 to replay the message
    • Press 2 to save it
    • Press 3 to delete
    • Press 7 to rewind a few seconds
    • Press 8 to pause or play
    • Press 9 to fast forward a few seconds
    Record a new Personal Greeting When you hear the main menu, press 2 to go to Personal Greeting and then 1 from the next menu
    Press 1 again and when you hear the tone, you're ready to start recording

    When you're done, press #
    • Press 1 to listen to the message you've just recorded
    • Press 2 to use it as your Personal Greeting
    • Press 3 to re-record it
    • Press * to delete it and carry on using the message you had before
    Use the standard Personal Greeting When you're on the main menu press 2
    Press 2 again to use the pre-set standard Personal Greeting

    Using Voicemail Extra

    Your remote access PIN

    To check your messages from another phone, you'll need to set up a PIN using the steps below. If you ever forget your PIN, use the same steps to change it. You can only change your PIN if you call from your own phone line.

    If you want to... Here's how you do it:
    Check your messages from another phone
    1. Dial your own number
    2. When Voicemail Extra answers press *
    3. You'll be asked to give your PIN. Enter it to hear your messages
    Set up or change your PIN
    1. When you hear the main menu press 2 for Personal Options.
    2. Press 2 again and then enter your new PIN
    3. Press 1 to make the change or 2 to change it again
    Change how many times the phone rings before Voicemail Extra answers
    1. When you hear the main menu press 2 to go to Personal Options
    2. Then press 3 to go to Calling Options
    3. You'll be shown what the number of rings is currently set to
    4. Press 0 to choose 'immediate' (no rings)
    5. Press 1 to choose 'short' (four rings)
    6. Press 2 to choose 'medium' (seven rings)
    7. Press 3 to choose 'long' (ten rings)
    Link to your mobile
    1. When you're on the main menu, press 2 to go to Personal Options
    2. Then press 6 to go to Link Mobile
    3. Enter the mobile number you want to link, followed by #
    4. Press 1 to confirm you want to link to this number or 2 to link to a different number
    Remove or change your linked mobile number
    1. When you're on the main menu, press 6. A message will play telling you the number you've already linked
    2. Press 2 to change it or 3 to unlink it
    Check messages from a linked mobile
    1. From the mobile you've linked, dial your home phone number
    2. When Voicemail Extra answers your call press *
    3. You'll be asked to give your PIN. Enter it to hear your messages
    Check callers who hung up without leaving a message
    1. When you hear the main menu press 4
    2. You'll hear the details of up to three callers who didn't leave a message
    3. Press 0 to return the call
    4. Press 1 to hear the number again
    5. Press 2 to skip to the next call
    6. Press 3 to delete the call

    Plusnet Call Protect catches nuisance calls on your landline and sends them straight to junk voicemail, where they belong. You can:

    • Catches all calls from Plusnet’s list of known nuisance callers, which is updated regularly to send as many of those pesky nuisance calls as possible to junk voicemail
    • Create your own personal list of up to 100 nuisance numbers that you can select and maintain
    • Choose to divert specific types of numbers to junk voicemail, such as international numbers, withheld numbers and unavailable numbers Additional features
    • VIP list. This allows you to select up to 50 numbers to override your diverted list. For example, if you’ve blocked international numbers but have family abroad, you can add them to your VIP list, so they’ll still get through to you.
    • Do Not Disturb (DND). This means that all calls will either be sent to your normal 1571 voicemail or your 1572 junk voicemail if they feature on your diverted list. For those times when you really want some peace and quiet! If you don’t have 1571 activated, callers that don’t feature on the diverted list will receive a DND message and will not be diverted to voicemail.

    Call Protect Menu Dial 1572
    Main Menu
    1. Press 1 to add the last answered call to your diverted caller list.
    2. Press 2 to remove the last entry from your diverted caller list.
    3. Press 3 to listen to your 1572 messages.
    4. Press 4 to change your personal options including –
      Plusnet's diverted list
      Your diverted list
      Diverted call groups
      VIP list
      DND settings
      Or hold to hear these menu options again

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