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    Changes to John Lewis broadband

    All your questions answered about John Lewis Broadband services and what this means for you.

    Your questions answered

    Plusnet and John Lewis have worked together for over ten years to offer great value broadband services. As highlighted in your terms and conditions, the service is provided by Plusnet, who are part of BT Group. This means your contract is with Plusnet, trading as John Lewis Broadband.

    Yes you can! It’s really easy to move your account and we’re here to help you do this. You’ll continue to get great broadband and super helpful customer service. Take a look at how you can sign up online and move your account to Plusnet or give us a call on 0800 328 0674.

    Plusnet provide standard broadband, fibre packages and are rolling out Full Fibre, the UK’s latest and fastest broadband, with ultrafast speeds up to 900Mb. Find out more about Plusnet broadband deals.

    Moving your broadband to another provider or Plusnet takes about 10-14 days, so bear this in mind when you decide to switch. Once you’ve moved to a new provider you won’t be able to access your John Lewis Waitrose or Greenbee email account. Please set up a new email account and transfer your email folders and information before you switch to a new broadband provider.

    There's no changes to your online account, so you can view your bills and all other service details in My Account.

    Of course. Our customer support will continue as normal so you can get in touch with us, or visit our online Help and Support if you’ve got any questions about your account or service.

    This will depend on the type of Plusnet broadband package you choose.

    Where possible Plusnet will send updates to your existing router which means you won’t need a replacement. The good news is that you’ll be doing your bit to protect the planet and still get a great performance from your router without having to do a thing!

    If you do need a new router Plusnet will supply this and they’ll also provide details of how you can return your old one, so we can recycle this for you.

    John Lewis has no plans to relaunch a broadband service at this time.

    In most cases, yes, unless you move to a Plusnet package that doesn’t include phone.

    Your John Lewis, Waitrose or Greenbee email account will close and you will no longer have access to it once you have completed your switch to a new broadband provider. We recommend setting up a new email account now to ensure you don’t lose any important correspondence. It is vital that you give yourself enough time to set up your new email account and start the transfer process. Moving your broadband to another provider or migrating to Plusnet generally takes 10-14 days, but could be quicker, so please take this into account

    If you no longer have JL Broadband, your John Lewis, Waitrose or Greenbee email account will close on 30 June 2023 and you will no longer have access to it. We recommend you take action now to set up a new email address and move any important emails so as not to lose any important correspondence that you need.

    To help with this, we’ve pulled together a guide of how to import your email account to Gmail (other free email services are available and the process for the migration may differ depending on the service you choose).

    Import your email account to Gmail

    You’ll need to sign up for a Gmail account – it only takes a few minutes and gives you a free email account with massive storage. Just follow the steps to create your new email address. If you already have Gmail or another email address such as Hotmail or Outlook, you can choose to use this instead, as they all have an import email function.

    Make sure you import your emails as soon as you can, as transferring your information can take up to two days.

    If you have any emails in your folders or Sent Mail that you wish to import, you’ll need to move them into your Inbox so they can be included in the transfer.

    • Log into your Gmail account, then click the cog logo in the top right-hand corner
    • On the drop down menu, select See all settings:
    • In the settings box, click Accounts and Import
    • Then scroll down and click on Import mail and contacts:
    • You’ll need to sign into your other email account.
      Enter your John Lewis, Greenbee or Waitrose email address

    Then click continue.

    Next, enter the password for your John Lewis, Greenbee or Waitrose email address

    You might need to enter your POP server details.

    Don’t worry – that’s less complicated than it sounds.

    • In the POP username field write your John Lewis email address
    • And in the POP server box, enter
    • Leave the port number as 110

    Now click Continue

    • Select everything you want to import and click, ‘Start import’

    You can divert emails from your John Lewis email account as long as your Broadband account is active. On the date your Broadband moves to another provider you will no longer be able to access your John Lewis emails and the diverts will cease to work. So make sure you give yourself enough time to move to a new email account when you moving Broadband suppliers.

    Gmail has a great feature that allows you to automatically forward emails sent to your old email address to your new one for the next 30 days. Just check the box that says ‘Import new mail for next 30 days’, at least 30 days before your John Lewis/Greenbee/Waitrose email closes down.

    • Then click Start Import to start importing your emails and contacts

    If you also want to import your contacts. Then Click OK and this will start the process.

    Importing can take up to two days, depending on how much mail you’re moving, so don’t panic if you don’t see your old emails straight away. When you do see them, they will appear in your Gmail inbox in date order, so you can keep them for as long as you like.

    Remember, you need to import everything you want to save at least two days before your John Lewis/Greenbee/Waitrose email service closes, otherwise you’ll lose them.

    This is a system generated communication that we're working hard to fix. You don't have to pay an early termination fee to move your service to another provider, so please ignore the information in the message.

    Don't worry, when you get your final bill we'll apply a credit to your account to offset this charge.

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