Superfast, super affordable Fibre

Plusnet Fibre doesn't cost the earth and is designed to cope with increasing demands on your internet connection, meaning it supports multiple devices and still stays superfast.

Up to

6x the speed
of our Unlimited broadbandθ

With consistent
speeds for everyone

Multiple devices
online at the same time

But it's not just about
what Fibre can do, it's
about what it can do for you...


Never miss a thing with superfast Fibre.

Stream TV on demand...

...even at peak times.

Never argue over the
remote again.

Watch videos on multiple
devices at the same time,
and worry less about buffering.

"My activity has increased, mainly streaming video."

*Plusnet Fibre Trialist

Listen to what you want, when you want it.

Download Bieber's back
catalogue in a flash.

Stay in the know 24/7.

View, listen and load all the latest gossip, news and sport
as it happens.

Watch HD movies with fewer unwelcome interruptions...

...even when the whole
household is online.

39%of Plusnet Fibre trialists are more
likely to use internet enabled-devices
when entertaining friends at home.*

Use your smart TV without a hitch and watch your TV on the big (well, bigger) screen.

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Be the fastest in the field with Fibre
and don't let your mum hold you back when
she's catching up on Eastenders.

Stay ahead of the game.

Fibre delivers consistent
ping rates for a smoother,
uninterrupted experience.

More power to your console.

Combine your console's raw power
with Fibre speeds for super results.
Leave the baddies eating dust.

Command the team with great, in game audio quality.

The more you play... the more you beat.

Computers, smart phones, tablets and consoles
all run smoothly, no matter how many people
are playing at once.

Get updates for Xbox and Playstation up to 6x faster than Unlimitedθ, and stream 4k UHD TV without buffering.

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Make working from home as productive as
possible with our superfast Fibre Extra speeds.

Have meetings at home...

...with crystal clear and
reliable video calling.

Automatically backup your files to the cloud... the same time it takes to
make a fresh brew.

Be more creative...

...with free online video and audio editing programmes.

Access your office network like you're at work.

Download your spreadsheets
whilst eating breakfast.

Files too big to send?

Send large files in a flash with superfast upload speeds.

With Fibre 51% of people spend more time online.*

So why not learn some new skills?

25% of people with Fibre work from home more often.

*Plusnet Fibre trial survey.

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These days we have one eye on life
and the other on our social networks.
Get the most out of them with
our superfast Fibre Extra speeds.

Keep in touch with friends and family...

...without delays or pixelation.

Upload those important photos and videos to all your social networks, as fast as lightning!

In the world of social networks you don't just watch TV, you are able to join in too.

Vote, comment and play along with your
favourite shows through Twitter and Facebook.

With Fibre, everyone in your house can stay connected at the same time.

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