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    Broadband package guide

    A simple overview of our current broadband packages, upload & download speeds, contract options and more.

    Broadband package guide FAQs

    Our broadband service is at the centre of all our packages, whether you want broadband only, or want to package it up with Anytime Calls or even Plusnet Mobile. We have many different offers available to you, but at the core, these are our main broadband products:

    Broadband packages available
    Product Connection type Download (average) Upload (average) Usage allowance
    Unlimited ADSL* 10MbΦ N/A Unlimited
    Unlimited Fibre FTTC** 36Mb 9Mb Unlimited
    Unlimited Fibre Extra FTTC** 66Mb 18Mb Unlimited

    New customer? Check out our current offers.

    Already with us? Login and see if you can upgrade your package for even faster speeds.

    * ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line means that broadband signals are carried over copper lines all the way to the BT Exchange

    ** FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet means that broadband signals are carried over copper lines to the roadside cabinet and then fibre to the BT Exchange, allowing for a faster and more stable data transfer rate

    Φ†Based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). Speeds vary by location. Check your speed via 'check availability' on our home page.

    We offer 12 and 18 month fixed term contracts as well as a non-contract option.

    You're able to pick the contract length that suits you best, but generally the longer contract you take, the cheaper your package will be. However if you don't wished to be tied into a fixed term, you can choose to pay the standard price and cancel at any time without charges*. For a full list, you can see our Price guide.

    * PLEASE NOTE: This refers to contract charges. You may still incur outstanding charges for your account. Please see full our terms and conditions.

    You can see in the table above the breakdown of the speeds we sell. When we promote our current offers, we show you the average speeds of our various broadband servicesΦ. This is the 'advertised speed' and is the maximum speed generally possible using that type of connection or product. It's a purely technical description which helps you choose the type of product suitable for you - however it's useful to bear in mind not all products may be available in your area and the actual speed you'll get depends on your particular telephone line.

    Speed is measured in Megabits (Mb) per second and a speed test will measure both the download speed (affecting the time it takes to view a webpage, read an email or download or stream a file) and the upload speed (affecting the time it takes to upload a photo or video to Facebook for example).

    ΦBased on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). Speeds vary by location. Check your speed via 'check availability' on our home page.

    We'll give you a personal estimate of the speed you'll get when you use our Broadband availability checker. The speed you'll actually get depends on a number of factors:

    • The type of broadband or fibre product you have chosen
    • Distance of your property from the nearest BT roadside cabinet or Exchange
    • Quality and age of your phone line
    • Electrical interference from things like generators and power lines
    • The number of people sharing the network
    • Your router and Wi-Fi setup within your property

    We are also signatories to Ofcom's Speed Code of Practice which is committed to making it clear to customers what their minimum guaranteed line speeds are.

    For more information, please see About your broadband speeds.

    It's often overlooked, but the speed you get from your Internet connection is greatly affected by how your home network and router (Plusnet Hub) is set up.

    If you have your router downstairs and connect over Wi-Fi upstairs for example, this can provide a much slower connection than if you were closer to the router or connecting to it using Ethernet cables. For more information, see our tips for Getting the best Wi-Fi signal.

    All of our current broadband packages come with unlimited usage, no matter what time of day. So there is no need to worry about going over or being charged extra, these things don't exist with our current broadband products.

    Some ISPs might restrict your speed based on how much you've used through Traffic Management or 'fair usage' policies – no need to worry though, Plusnet's Unlimited products don't have any traffic management applied to them – for more information see About your broadband speeds.

    When you sign up to us we include the router, and its postage and packaging all for no extra cost. If you're already a customer and want to order a new router, you'll need to contact us.

    With all our broadband packages you get the following:

    Plusnet Safeguard

    Plusnet Protect

    Broadband firewall

    Having a broadband account with us also gives you access to our Mates Rates deals on our mobile plans.

    Login to your Online Broadband Account. Your Broadband package will be shown in the My Products section.

    For many years now, a standard broadband connection has been perfectly fine for everyday access to the Internet. For things like browsing, email, instant messaging, Skype or Facetime it's perfectly adequate. Even for streaming TV, films and music a speed of 3.5Mbps or above is fine. It really depends on what you use the Internet for and how many people are sharing your connection.

    Where Fibre also known as FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) comes into its own is twofold: it provides a faster download speed which is great when you have several people sharing the connection at the same time, and a faster upload speed. It’s much quicker so can support High Definition streaming, online gaming and video calling.

    If you've got a busy household with lots of devices connected at the same time then you'll want even faster speeds, so Unlimited Fibre Extra might be more suitable, if available in your area

    Full Fibre sometimes called FTTP (Fibre ToThe Premises) uses the latest broadband technology which means you get a dedicated fibre connection straight to your home, so you don’t need a phone line. It delivers ultrafast, reliable speeds so can support busy multi-device online homes.

    This game-changing technology is so new it isn’t available everywhere just yet. We’re rolling out Full Fibre as fast as we can and connecting lots of homes every day. If it’s not reached your area we’ll let you know when it does and you can upgrade at any time.

    Our latest broadband deals

    To see what broadband packages and deals are available in your area. Just enter your details in our broadband postcode checker.

    Already with us? Login and see if you can upgrade your package for even faster speeds.

    Already with us? Login and see if you can upgrade your package for even faster speeds.

    Login to My Account to check when your contract ends, and get personalised offers. It'll be in the contract section of My Products.

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