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Plusnet Price and Product Change FAQ

On 5th June 2018 we'll be making a few changes to our prices. Here's a handy FAQ guide that covers everything you need to know.

Why are prices changing?

Over the past year we've been working really hard to make improvements to our products and services that will make your experience as a Plusnet customer better than ever.

We've continued to win awards for our customer services and our great value products and we promise we'll continue to do you proud.

Investing in our customer service to make sure we're available to answer your calls or chats at our UK call centres is a priority for us. We'll soon be expanding one of our UK sites to make sure we're on hand when you need us the most.

Which services are affected?

These changes apply to broadband, call charges, call features, call set up fees and early termination charges.

They will come into effect from the 5th June 2018 and you'll see these changes of your following bill.

What changes are being made to Broadband, Fibre and Fibre Extra prices?

We are increasing the cost of our monthly broadband packages and subscriptions by £1 on the following broadband products:-

  • Plusnet Essentials
  • Plusnet Essentials Fibre
  • Plusnet Extra
  • Plusnet Extra Fibre
  • Plusnet Unlimited
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre
  • Plusnet Value
  • Plusnet Value Fibre
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Fibre
  • Unlimited Fibre Extra

This will apply if you signed up to Plusnet before 4th March, or sign up after this date and re-contract or carry out a product change before 5th June.

Our monthly line rental cost is remaining the same at £18.99 per month.

To find out more about your monthly charge and your broadband subscription view your account details in Member Centre.

What changes are being made to call features?

Good news, Caller Display, a feature which manages nuisance calls for you, is becoming free of charge from 5th June 2018.

What does this mean if you currently have Caller Display?

If you currently pay for this call feature then you will continue to pay the 99p per month charge until the 5th June 2018, this will then be made free of charge and will be displayed as £0.00 on your next bill.

For those of you who have Caller Display as part of your bundled features you will be automatically moved onto a lower bundle so that you are not paying for a free of charge feature. For example if you are on a three for £4.50 per month bundle with Caller Display being one the features you will be moved to the two for £3.00 per month bundle.

Want to add Caller Display?

You can pre-register for free Caller Display now:

From 5th June 2018 it will be added onto your account.

What changes are being made to phone charges?

From the 5th June 2018 we will be increasing the prices of our call set up fees and price per minute for calls made to both landlines and mobiles.

Our call set up fess will be increasing by 1p whilst calls to landlines will increase by 0.96p and calls to mobiles will be increasing by 0.35p.

Current charge Charge from 5th June 2018
Call Set Up Fee
(if not included in your line rental)
21p per call 22p per call
Landline (standard rates for calls to UK landlines and non-geographic numbers) 12.54p per minute 13.5p per minute
Mobile (standard rates for calls for UK mobiles and non-geographic numbers) 14.65p per minute 15p per minute

What changes are being made to Early Termination Charges?

Our early termination charges will be changing. The price you will pay to terminate your contract within the minimum term is calculated based on your service and the amount of time you have remaining on your contract. Full details of the charges are below:

Product New charge per month from 5th June 2018
Plusnet Essentials (Contracted) £6.49
Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted) £3.66
Plusnet Essentials Fibre £8.49
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre £3.12
Plusnet Essentials (Contracted without Phone) £7.32
Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted without Phone) £11.85
Plusnet Essentials Fibre (Without Phone) £10.55
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (Without Phone) £9.63
Plusnet Essentials (Contracted) £6.49
Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted) £3.66
Plusnet Essentials Fibre £8.49
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre £3.12
Unlimited (Contracted without Phone) £11.85
Unlimited Fibre Extra (Without Phone) £9.63
Unlimited Fibre (Without Phone) £9.46
Unlimited (Contracted) £3.66
Unlimited Fibre Extra £3.12
Unlimited Fibre £2.80
Line Rental - All packages affected £8.49

What other changes are being made?

There will also be some changes to our general terms and conditions and where the BT Sport App is available.

From the 5th June 2018, we will be introducing the right for us to terminate your services upon 28 days' notice as well as making our terms and conditions clear that if you take one of our call plans, we have the right to charge you and/or suspend and/or terminate your service if you go over the Fair Usage Policy (on 0870 & 0845 numbers).

If you have the BT Sport App then good news, from the 3rd April 2018 you will be able to use the app if you travel to the EU, as well as when you're in the UK. The full list of the 28 European destinations are below:

Belgium Greece Lithuania Portugal
Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Romania
Czech Republic France Hungary Slovenia
Denmark Croatia Malta Slovakia
Germany Italy Netherlands Finland
Estonia Cyprus Austria Sweden
Ireland Latvia Poland United Kingdom