The what, why and how of our new pricing

On the 3rd December 2019 we'll be making some changes to our prices. Here's everything you need to know.

Why our prices are changing

We're constantly looking to make improvements to our products and the services we offer you. This year that included things like a new way of billing, updates to our Member Centre and better rewards through My Perks.

These pricing changes will see us invest even more into giving you the broadband and phone services you deserve.

Which services will this impact?

These changes will apply to broadband, line rental, calls and call plans, set up and activation fees.

These changes will happen on the 3rd December 2019. You'll see them in your next bill after that date.

What changes are being made to Broadband, Fibre and Fibre Extra prices?

Our new broadband prices are reflected in the table below. The price you pay depends on the part of the country you're in, as certain areas can receive a faster connection than others. These areas are called Market A and Market B. You'll be able to tell which one you're in based on your current monthly price.

Product Market A current price Market A new price Market B current price Market B new price
Unlimited Broadband (without phone) £21.99 £23.99 £14.49 £16.49
Plusnet Value (without phone) with 10GB usage allowance £16.49 £18.49 £9.99 £11.99
Unlimited Fibre (without phone) £25.99 £27.99 £18.49 £20.49
Unlimited Fibre Extra (without phone) £30.99 £32.99 £23.49 £25.49
Plusnet Extra (without phone) with 60GB usage allowance £20.49 £22.49 £13.99 £15.99
Plusnet Essentials (without phone) with 10GB usage allowance £16.49 £18.49 £9.49 £11.49

Please note that broadband without line rental packages will no longer be available to new customers from 3rd December 2019.

What changes are being made to line rental?

Line rental will be going up by £1.00 as of 3rd December 2019. Our Line Rental Saver option will also increase to reflect the new monthly line rental cost. Line Rental Saver is still the most affordable option, and will keep on saving you money if you pay the upfront cost.

What changes are being made to call charges?

Various call charges will be increasing, as you can see in the table below.

Product Current price New price
Call set-up fees 22p 23p
Calls to landlines 13.5p per minute 15p per minute
Calls to mobiles 15p per minute 18p per minute
Anytime International 300 with Mobile £11.00 per month £12.00 per month
Unlimited UK and Mobile Calls £8.00 per month £9.00 per month
Plusnet Anytime International 300 £8.00 per month £9.00 per month
Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile Calls £4.00 per month £5.00 per month

The following pricing will apply from 3rd December 2019 to our legacy products. Please note that these products are not available to new customers

  • Plusnet Anytime Mobile will increase by £1.00 from £10.00 to £11.00 per month.
  • Plusnet Anytime will increase from £7.00 to £8.00 per month.
  • Talk Anytime will increase from £7.00 to £8.00 per month.
  • Talk Anytime International 300 will increase from £8.00 per month to £9.00 per month.
  • Evening and Weekend will increase from £3.50 per month to £4.50 per month.
  • Plusnet Evening and Weekends will increase from £3.50 per month to £4.50 per month.
  • Evening and Weekends With Mobile will increase from £6.50 per month to £7.50 per month.
  • Plusnet Evening and Weekends With Mobile will increase from £6.50 per month to £7.50 per month.

What about international calls?

Our international call prices will also be changing. We provide calls to hundreds of different countries, so we won't make you read through the full list here. If you are interested, you can check out all of our phone tariffs.

Going abroad? Roam Like at Home means you won't pay a penny more than you would in the UK in a range of top destinations.

What if you're on a fixed price contract?

Our fixed price broadband contracts will do exactly what you'd expect – your prices won't change until your contract expires. At that point the new prices will come in to play.

However, you'll still be affected by the changes to call plans, call rates, and TV.

When your fixed price contract is coming to an end, we'll send you an end of contract reminder and offer you an account review.

How does pro rata billing work for the price changes?

Your first bill after the 3rd December 2019 will be a little different because you pay for your services each month in advance. You'll pay an additional pro-rata charge to cover the number of days between the price increase and your bill.

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