Which Yorkshire character are you?

In celebration of Yorkshire Day on 1st August, take the quiz and find out which type of person from this great county you are!

Whether you're an expert on all things countryside or Ms. Thrifty, get an insight into what type of Yorkshire person you might be...

Question 1: Pick a drink
Question 2: Pick a weekend break
Question 3: Pick a pet
Question 4: Pick some food
Question 5: Pick a vehicle
Question 6: Pick a TV Show
Question 7: Pick a famous person
Question 8: Pick a job
Question 9: Pick some footwear
Question 10: Pick a karaoke song
Question 11: Describe yourself in one word
Question 12: Pick a pastime
Question 13: Pick a greeting
Question 14: Pick a film
Question 15: Pick a sport

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