Our Network - Additional Platforms

Here you'll find information about some of the other platforms and services we operate besides Broadband connectivity.

Email Platform

  • Plusnet use IronPort Secure Email Appliances for spam filtering and anti-virus. Inbound customer mail is first received at these appliances before being delivered onto the Plusnet MX servers
  • Email is delivered via the MX servers to customer mailboxes stored on highly resilient NetApp storage
  • Mail is then retrieved by customers via Plusnet POP3 and IMAP servers, or via Webmail
  • Outgoing email is relayed to the Internet via Plusnet's outgoing email servers
  • Plusnet email storage is currently 6TB and can easily be upgraded.
  • This storage is spread across two geographic locations and is clustered to protect against single unit failure

Homepages Platform

  • This platform allows Plusnet customers to build and maintain their own websites via FTP
  • 4TB of storage space is available (each customer has their own allocation dependent on their account type)
  • This storage is spread across two geographic locations and is clustered to protect against single unit failure

DNS Platform

  • Plusnet DNS is split into two logical systems: Authoritative DNS and Caching DNS. Authoritative DNS hosts DNS entries for Plusnet customer domains, and Caching DNS is for customers to use to resolve addresses on the Internet
  • There are two authoritative DNS servers (soon to be eight) split across two Sheffield sites and twelve caching DNS servers spread across three London sites

CGI Platform

  • This platform provides a stable and secure environment for Plusnet customers to run their website scripts
  • A highly sophisticated package maintenance system provided by Debian GNU/Linux, forms the base of the platform
  • The platform uses a 'Jail' type Vserver mechanism. This limits the functions available to any rogue user wanting to harm the system
  • Customer data is stored across two NetApp clustered systems

IWF Proxies

  • Plusnet are a member of the Internet Watch Foundation, an organisation dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world, criminally obscene content hosted in the UK, and incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK
  • Plusnet implement a transparent blocking system that prevents access to images of child abuse according to the IWF Child Abuse Images and Content (CAIC) list
  • This system prevents accidental exposure to this material hosted on the Internet

Customer Portals and Community Site

The page you are reading right now is hosted on our Customer Portal system. This web application platform uses a mix of Linux, Solaris, Apache, PHP, Java, MySQL and JBOSS to provide a base to serve the customer portal, community site and associated services

  • This system is designed in accordance with new PCI regulations to ensure your data is secure
  • The system is spread across two Sheffield sites for resilience and availability

Traffic Management Platform

See Our Network for more information on Traffic Management.

  • This system is built on a mix of PHP, Java, Linux, Solaris, Apache, MySQL and Oracle and Arbor Ellacoya systems
  • The platform gives the customer an unrivalled level of detail in monitoring their Internet usage patterns
  • The system also prioritises traffic by application based on latency needs to ensure that at times of high congestion, service remains as responsive as possible


Plusnet partners with industry-leading companies in order to deliver premium add-on services. We currently partner with the following:

  • Gradwell for customer VoIP (voice over IP)
  • Ironport for customer email spam filtering
  • Giganews for customer USENET (news) service

More Information

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