Our Network - Technical Information

Here you'll find a detailed breakdown of the technology that we use to provide our network.

Juniper Networks Routers

Juniper E-Series products form the backbone of our Broadband network, providing a scalable high-performance 'carrier-class' platform for our customers.

  • Juniper Networks E320 and ERX-1440 Routers are used to terminate broadband customer's PPP sessions via our 622Mb Edgeless L2TP BT central product pipes
  • The E320 is the highest-performance routing platform in the E-series product line, targeted at the largest edge environments
  • Each E320 contains a 320Gbps (40Gbps for ERX-1440) switch fabric and supports full redundancy for high availability
  • They also contain 12 slots dedicated to line modules. These support hot-swapping to fully optimise network uptime

Other Components of our core network

We also use Juniper Networks M-Series and Cisco 7600 series hardware for high speed connectivity and routing.

Extra Bandwidth

We closely monitor our network capacity, investment is made to to provide both extra bandwidth and network resilience as customer numbers and demand requires.

The network is linked to the following transit providers: Tiscali and British Telecom.

Peering Points

We have links to two public peering points:

  • LINX - London Internet Exchange
  • LoNAP - An independent peering point

Our Peering partners:

Via the peering points listed above, we exchange traffic with a growing number of service providers:

Private Connections

Private connections exist between Plusnet, Datahop, The BBC and ClaraNet.

The BT high speed IP Network

  • For the end-to-end connection between our network and our customers, we use BT's high-speed IP network: Colossus
  • BT plan to be 50% and 6 months ahead of customer demand, ensuring the continued efficiency of The Colossus Network
  • This investment also means that packet loss or additional latency due to high volume of Internet users is kept to a minimum

Plusnet Network Diagram

Network diagram

More Information

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