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Charges for removing broadband from your line

What is this charge?

It's a charge to cover the cost of removing broadband from a phone line. It's sometimes called a cessation charge.

How much is it?

It's £30 for residential customers and £25 for business customers (inclusive of VAT).

When would I have to pay it?

You'd only need to pay the charge if the broadband service is being taken off your phone line. Typical reasons for this are:

  • the phone line that your broadband's on has been cut off
  • you cancel your broadband account without switching to another provider
  • you switch to a provider who uses their own network (like a cable provider)

If any of these happen, you'll need to pay the charge, even if the minimum term of your contract is over.

The good news is, there's no charge if you move to another broadband service that also uses a BT line for its network.

Will I have to pay the charge if I move home or office?

If you're keeping your broadband with us, you won't usually have to pay this charge because it's only for removing broadband from your phone line. But there might be other charges to pay if you move. To check that, take a look at our guide to moving home or office.

Will I need to pay a charge if I cancel my phone service?

You'll only ever need to pay this charge if we're removing broadband from your phone line, for one of the reasons we mentioned above. But there might be other charges to pay if you cancel your phone service. If you're thinking of cancelling your phone service and you'd like to check about charges, get in touch with us first.

Are there any other charges if I decide to leave?

If you're still in contract with us, or you had any special offers when you joined Plusnet, there might be some extra charges to pay for cancelling your contract early. Take a look at our contracts policy for more info on that.

Before you make up your mind, check out our advice on what to do if you're thinking of leaving.