I'm having problems with my powerline adapters

Check the lights on your powerline adapter

Check the lights on each powerline adapter and select the most relevant option:

Please note: Your powerline adapters may vary slightly from those pictured.

All the lights are off

If you've plugged the Adapter into a mains power socket but all the lights are off, please make sure that the power is switched on at the mains and socket.

Next, check the socket you are plugging the adapter into with another device (e.g. a table lamp, phone charger). If the other device works in the same socket, then the powerline adapter may be faulty.

Only power is on

  1. Check your cables

    Make sure your equipment is connected as described below:

    • The BT Openreach modem should be connected to socket 4 on the back of your Plusnet router
    • Your Plusnet router should be connected from any other socket (1-3) directly to the first powerline adapter
    • The second powerline adapter should be connected to the Ethernet socket on the back of your set top box

    Make sure the cables are connected securely and the powerline adapters are pushed into the wall sockets properly. The best way to check is to unplug and reconnect each cable and adapter in turn as you check them.

  2. Try using other sockets and cables

    If you have any spare Ethernet cables, try using these instead of the cables in your current setup. If a spare socket is available (e.g. a spare Ethernet socket on your router, an alternate power socket for the powerline adapters) it's worth trying the connection with these too.

  3. Switch the position of your powerline adapters

    Remove both powerline adapters and switch them around (e.g. Put the adapter you were using to connect to your set top box by the router and the router adapter near the set top box).

The data light is orange

An orange data light indicates that the connection between your powerline adapters is not as good as it could be, but this should still be fast enough to support video traffic.

To watch channels from our Entertainment, Kids or HD channel packs with good picture and sound, you need a stable connection with a minimum download speed of 15Mb.

If you're having problem watching any of the above content, try restarting your powerline adapters - switch them off (or unplug them) for 30 seconds before switching them back on.

If that doesn't solve the problem, our about broadband speeds page will help you to get the best possible speed on your line.

The data light is red

  1. Restart your adapters

    • Switch off your powerline adapters at the wall socket (unplug them if the socket doesn't have a switch).
    • Wait for 30 seconds before switching them back on.
    • Wait for the Power, Ethernet and Data lights to turn on.
  2. Relink your adapters

    Press and hold the link button on the top of your powerline adapter until the power light turns off. Release the button and allow 30 seconds for the connection to re-establish.

    If the data light remains red after doing this, repeat the process with the other adapter.

  3. Test your adapters in a double socket

    Plug the powerline adapters into a double socket or into plugs near to each other (not anti-surge extension leads or sockets).

    If the data light is now orange or green, this indicates a problem with the internal wiring or electrical interference in your home.

    If the data light remains red, press and hold the link button in on the top of your powerline adapter until the power light turns off. Release the button and allow 30 seconds for the connection to re-establish.

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