My set top box won't switch on

Are there any lights on, on your set top box?

Yes - the lights are on No - there are no lights

Yes - there are lights on

It looks like your set top box is switched on and receiving power. If you're still not getting a picture or sound perhaps you're having a picture problem instead. Visit our TV help pages and choose the picture category.

No - there are no lights on

It looks like your box isn't getting any power, please continue with the instructions below.

  1. Check your cables

    • Check the power cable is securely connected to your set top box
    • Perform the same check at the wall socket and ensure it is switched on
    • If you have a YouView+ box YouView+ set top box

      Check the power switch on the back of your set top box
  2. Try another electrical socket

    • Unplug the set top box and connect it in to another socket
    • If you're using an extension, try disconnecting it and plugging the box into the wall directly instead
  3. Test other electrical applicances

    • Check if the lights in your room are working
    • Check if other applicances such as your TV and kettle are working

Yes - my other appliances are working

Sounds like there may be a problem with your set top box, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you further.

No - my other appliances aren't working

It seems you may have a powercut, you should contact your electricty supplier to resolve this.

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