On Demand players are missing

Having problems with a single On Demand player?

If you're having problems with a single player but other players from the same menu work, this means your setup and connection are working. You'll need to contact the provider of the player to report the problem.

Please see youview.com for the latest contact details.

  1. Which players are missing?

    The following players will only be shown if your aerial is connected properly: All 4, the ITV Hub, STV (Scotland) or S4C (Wales).

    If all of the above players are missing, this indicates a problem with your TV aerial or the aerial cable. Remove and reconnect the aerial cable on the back of your set top box, making sure it's connected securely when you do this. Finally, close and reload the On-Demand menu and the missing players should have returned.

    In all other cases, follow the steps below.

  2. Check for service problems and planned maintenance

    Problems affecting a large amount of Plusnet customers will be published on our Service Status page.

    If you find there's a service problem or ongoing maintenance work in your area, it's worth waiting until this has cleared, as it's likely the cause of the problem.

  3. Check for software updates

    • Press the YouView button on your remote and select Settings.
    • Go to Information & Reset, and select Software information.
    • Select Update software.

    If an update is available, it'll be downloaded and installed now. Your set top box may need to restart as part of the update process. If it does, repeat the above steps to make sure your set top box is fully up to date.

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