Recordings are failing

Please note: This guide won't help fix a failed recording

Most recording issues are a caused by problems that happened at the time the recording was made. It's not possible to fix a recording after it's made, but we can help you work out what caused the problem and take steps to stop it from happening again.

If you've lost or have a failed recording, it's worth checking for the programme in the On Demand section, so you don't miss out.

This generally means that your set top box can't find details for the programme you're trying to record. These sometimes change in the time between you setting the recording and the start of the programme.

  1. Check for service problems and planned maintenance

Problems affecting a large amount of Plusnet customers will be published on our Service status page.

If the channel you're recording from is a Freeview channel, check for maintenance work in your area as this may have affected your signal quality at the time of recording. See the Digital UK website for more details.

If you find there's a service problem or ongoing maintenance work in your area, it's worth waiting until this has cleared. This is likely to be the cause of the problem.

  1. Check the channel you're having problems with

If you're having trouble viewing the channel (or any other channels) you'll also have problems making recordings. Go to the TV help pages and choose the option that applies to the problem you're experiencing.

  1. Try a manual recording

Switch to the channel that you tried to record and press the Record button on your YouView remote.

If your set top box starts recording and you're able to play the recording back, either there was a temporary issue at the time of recording, or the recording stored on your box has corrupted and can't be recovered.

If you can't start a manual recording, restart your set top box and try the above steps again.

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