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    How to set up your YouView box

    Find out how to install your YouView box.

    Watch the video or try our setup guide

    1. Make sure you've got everything

    As well as your YouView connection and user guide, you should have each of the following:

    • YouView set top box
    • YouView remote and a pair of AAA batteries
    • 10m Ethernet cable (white)
    • HDMI cable (black)
    • Two part power supply

    2. Connect the aerial cable to your YouView box

    Unplug your TV aerial from whatever it's currently connected to and plug it in to the Aerial In socket on the back of your YouView box.

    3. Connect your YouView box to your TV

    Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI socket on your YouView box and the other end to one of the HDMI sockets on your TV.

    Now switch on your TV and choose the source that corresponds to the socket you connected to (e.g. HDMI1 if you

    4. Connect your YouView box to your router

    Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to one of the spare yellow Ethernet (ETH) sockets on the back of your Plusnet router.

    Don't use port 4 as this is used to supply your Fibre broadband.

    Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet socket on the back of your YouView box.

    If the Ethernet cable isn't long enough...

    You'll need to use Powerline adapters to connect your YouView box to your Plusnet router.

    Follow our setup guide for Powerline adapters and return here when you're ready to continue. If you need Powerline adapters but haven't ordered them, please contact our Support Team.

    5. Connect the power cables

    Connect the power cable to a wall socket and make sure it's switched on.

    The power light on your YouView box will now turn red.

    6. Switch on your YouView box

    If you haven't done so already, pop the batteries into the YouView remote.

    Press the blue Power button on your YouView remote (or on your YouView box if you prefer). The power light on the front of the YouView box will turn blue and after a minute or two you'll see 'Welcome to YouView' on your TV screen.

    Follow the instructions you see on screen, using your YouView remote to select the options you want. See our first time setup guide if you need any help with this.

    If you can't see anything on screen

    Make sure all cables are connected securely, your TV is on and it's set to use the correct source channel (e.g. if you used the HDMI1 socket, your TV should be set to HDMI1).

    If you're still having problems, please see our guide to Picture problems on all channels.

    7. All finished

    That's all you need to do. You can now start watching TV through your YouView box.

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