Switching on for the first time

When you switch on your YouView or YouView+ box for the first time, you'll need to follow the onscreen setup instructions before you can start watching TV.

You'll need your YouView remote to complete the setup process detailed in this guide. If you haven't done so already, pop the batteries in. You'll know it's working if the blue light at the top of the YouView remote flashes when you press a button.

Watch the video or try our setup guide

  1. Welcome to YouView

    Setup welcome screen

    Your set top box will take a few minutes to start up. When it's ready for you to start setting up, you'll see the Welcome to YouView screen shown above.

    To get started, press OK.

  2. Tuning your channels

    Tuning your channels

    First, your box will search for channels available in your area. You'll need the aerial cable connected to find Freeview channels. When the scan has finished you'll see how many channels were found.

    Press OK to continue.

  3. Connecting to the Internet

    Connecting to the internet

    Next, your set top box will check the connection to the Internet. If you've connected your set top box to your Plusnet router, this will take a few moments.

    Once the connection is found, press OK.

  4. Before we go on.. (YouView Terms and Conditions)

    Terms and conditions

    Next you'll be asked to accept the YouView terms and conditions. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the terms.

    When you're ready to continue, use the arrows to highlight the option you want and press OK.

    If you'd prefer you can read the YouView Terms and Conditions online at www.youview.com/terms-conditions/product/

  5. YouView is updating its software

    Software update

    Next, your set top box will check for and install any new software updates - this can take a few minutes.

    Once it's finished press OK.

    If your set top box needs to restart to complete the update, it'll take you to the next step once it's checked for an Internet connection.

  6. Your postcode

    Enter your postcode

    Next you'll be asked to enter your postcode. Use the number keys to do this. When you've finished, use the Arrows to highlight Next and press OK.

  7. Sharing your information

    Do you want to share your information?

    Next you'll be asked if you want to share personal data with YouView and its content partners.

    Use the Arrows to select the option you want, then highlight Next and press OK.

    You can change this decision at any time after setting up your box.

    If you'd like to read about how YouView will use your information, read the YouView Data Promise on screen or at www.youview.com/privacy/datapromise/

  8. Parental Controls

    Parental controls

    Next you'll need to choose whether to activate Parental Controls on your set top box. If you're not sure about this you can read more about it on page 18 of the YouView Guide

    Use the Arrows to select the option you want, then highlight next and press OK.

  9. Your PIN

    Choose a pin

    Next, you'll be asked to choose a PIN. The default is 1234. You can leave this as is or change it.

    Use the Arrows and OK to select what you want. When you're finished, highlight next and press OK.

  10. Standby Mode

    Standby mode settings

    Finally, you'll need to choose a Standby Mode setting.

    • Energy Saver uses less power, but means your set top box will take longer to wake up from standby
    • Smart Standby offers faster start-up times but will put your box into a deep sleep at night (1am to 5am) to save energy
    • Always Ready offers faster start-up at all times, but will use more energy

    Use the Arrows and OK to select what you want. When you're finished, highlight next and press OK.

  11. All done

    End of setup screen

    That's it! Press OK one more time to start watching TV.