How to set up your YouView remote

Follow this guide to set up your YouView remote to control your TV. This will allow you to use your YouView remote to:

  • Turn your TV on and off (standby)
  • Adjust or mute the volume on your TV
  • Switch between TV source inputs
  1. Find your TV code

    Find the code for your TV from the list of most common manufacturers below. If your TV manufacturer isn't shown, see a more detailed list.

    TV brand Code
    Goodmans 2037
    Hitachi 2424
    JVC 2788
    LG 2992
    Panasonic 3846
    Philips 3951
    Samsung 4483
    Sharp 4848
    Sony 4985
    Toshiba 5523
  2. Tune in your remote

    1. Hold down TV Power and TV AV until the blue light on the remote flashes three times.
    2. Next, enter the four-digit code for your brand of TV - the blue light will flash another three times.
    3. Hold TV Power button down until your TV turns off, this may take a minute - the blue light will blink while you're doing this.
    4. When your TV turns off, let go of TV Power and press it again - your TV should turn back on.
    5. Next try volume up and volume down.
    6. If the volume control works, press TV Power otherwise start again from step 1.
  3. That's it

    You can now control your TV with your YouView remote. If these steps don't work, make sure you've got the correct code for your TV and start again at step 1.

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